this is what i was getting at

NYC mechanic grades peoples locking job. This is what i do as i walk down the street too, except i don’t have a camera following me. Or dreadlocks.

He is a bit inconsistent though. Of course, as a bike mechanic, he is bound to deliver harsh judgments on all bicycles. I wouldn’t really give an F if some part of the bike were actually secured. Save F’s for those bikes that can be taken with little thought or effort. Thanks to KarlMcCraken whose blog i found this on.

So I suppose that if i were to make a rubric for bike locking, it would look like this:

      A+: Top quality lock holding the frame and rear wheel to something that is well attached to the earth, plus a supplemental lock.
      A: Impressive lock holding rear wheel and frame to something immovably sturdy.
      B: Good lock holding the frame and rear wheel to something that is probably not going to give.
      C: Frame only locked, but with decent lock.
      D: (the pointless grade) Wheel only locked. Anything with a poor lock, or attached to an easy to move object (such as a small dog or a rubbish bin). Any vaguely desirable bike with a disproportionately weak lock.
      F: Lock can be removed by mind power or hand tools. Freelocking in an area where pickup trucks operate.

There, now you too can go about your day judging other people’s skill at locking bikes.


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